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Gluten Free Almond & Coconut Cake with raspberries
Source: via Naomi on Pinterest
I have recently discovered I am allergic to gluten and intolerant of other much loved foods like soy, dairy and bananas. So no more soy flat whites, cheese platters, banana smoothies, cup cakes, bakers delight bread etc. and the list goes on...

Getting used to my new 'diet' has been challenging. I still haven't quite nailed it, but already I feel much better for it.

Surprisingly Burnsie is loving it! When I came home with my 'foods to avoid' list, he rolled his eyes and wailed what the hell can you eat? Then he cackled, no more chocolate for you bwahahaha! Actually babe, I can eat chocolate, just not everyday!

Lucky for my family (not so lucky for my wobbly bits) I have been obsessively experimenting with gluten free baking. So Burnsie and Ava have had plenty of sweet treats to test out.

Here are some of my latest sweet experiments:
> Gluten free chocolate slice
> Gluten free passion fruit slice

If you are into Gluten Free stuff or just love to eat yummy food, check out my Gluten Free board on Pinterest.

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