Sunday, February 26, 2012

Food, life and scale OCD!

Is it just who has a love hate relationship with the scales?
I am doing this 1 Million Kilo Challenge healthy eating plan to trim down for Jade's wedding and get back to pre-baby size.

I actually hate dieting, apart from a stint on weight watchers before my wedding and the occasional 'trendy' detox I have never really been a dieter.

I tend to go through phases of eating really well and doing regular exercise then fall into the trap of eating really bad coupled with plenty of time spent on the couch munching chocolate and hoping Chewy will take himself off for a walk. So I entered this challenge with the intention of learning a few new healthy recipes and making exercise a non negotiable part of my daily routine.

So far it's going pretty well. The wedding is next week and I've finally dropped the last 3kgs of baby weight that was hanging around! Now my goal is to get back to my pre-marriage weight, so another 2kgs to go! Simple. Right?

There are the usual challenges along the way like my birthday which always equals cake & wine, kids parties which means cup cakes and sweets, there is work which means I'm too busy to make up the fancy salads I'm meant to eat on the plan and of course there is my family - Ava, Chewy & Brett who consume (in a totally awesome way) the rest of my time, heart and head space! Oh that's right, it's called life!!!!

Life is what makes me dread and obsess over my scales or should I say the number that appears on my scales! I have an annoying and compulsive tendency to jump on the scales whenever I'm in the bathroom, (which is quite often with my teeny bladder) or when I am thinking about the progress I have made or the naughty treats I have slipped in. It's all a bit tiring really, because if I put as much time and effort into just making better choices about the exercise I do or the food I eat I probably wouldn't even own a set of scales!!

As a mum I try to teach Ava balance and moderation, and yes I am aware of the irony in that statement!  I really don't want to pass my food and weight obsessions onto my daughter, she is so perfect and untouched by society's view of what is beautiful and normal. So perhaps I will have to throw out those scales after all, but only after I reach my goal weight!!