Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mamma's review of The Fat Paddler

I have just finished reading The Fat Paddler and am feeling inspired to tackle life's challenges head on!

Whether you are into paddling or not, you will relate to The Fat Paddler's story. As a Mum I understand how it feels to know that you would do anything for the sake of your children. And Sean's commitment to turning his life around, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles is truly inspirational, heartfelt and honest.

As memoirs go, The Fat Paddler is an easy read. It's funny, conversational, reflective and brutally honest. Yet it was also a hard read for me. Knowing Sean well and knowing the incredible hurdles he has overcome I appreciate even more what a tough journey he has had and all with a constant smile on his chubby face.

My favourite quote, "...moments like these mean the most. Moments of true unadulterated beauty. Moments where you find yourself. Moments of Peace." Yes this is what confronting life's challenges and committing to living are all about. Thanks for sharing big guy x

Now mind you, reading Sean's inspiring tale was not without some of my own (first world) challenges... The rugby noise emitting from the TV was annoying; I was interrupted a number of times by a distraught, teething toddler; then after a glass or 2 of wine my bladder decided I should get up every 20 minutes! However I finally managed some rare quiet time this afternoon while both babies (Burnsie too) slept.

So if you are familiar with first world problems like mine or have truly been up against it like Sean, I can highly recommend The Fat Paddler. You can pre-order a copy online or follow Sean's adventures at

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some more adult reading

Read by my fave Play School presenter from when I was a kid, Noni Hazelhurst. This book "Go The Fuck To Sleep" has been a bit of a hit in some Mum's Groups.

Go the Fuck to Sleep - read by Noni Hazlehurst from Text Publishing on Vimeo.

Yay, finally some grown up reading!!!

Today I received my advance copy of our dear friend Sean Smith's new book, The Fat Paddler. Well actually, Brett took delivery of it this morning and all I have seen of the book is the front and back cover masking my husband's face as he has not stopped reading it all evening.

It's been so long since I read a book that was not about pregnancy or babies. During the first trimester of my pregnancy I was too nauseous to read a map, let alone a book. Then once I hit the second trimester I read almost every book ever written about pregnancy and beyond and in my last trimester I read all those books once again and would refer back to them over and over. But my brain could not follow the words of a simple novel or biography.

Oh, except of course the two books Ava loves us to read to her every night; Hello Baby and What Does Baby Do? I can recite both books word for word, yet could not recall my husband's mobile phone number if my life depended on it...

I have always loved reading and now I am thrilled I get to share that love of books with Ava. But sometimes it's nice to read something that does not rhyme!

So it is very exciting that the first grown up book I get to read in about 2 years has been written by our talented friend Sean AKA The Fat Paddler. Congratulations Sean, we are all very proud of you!!

The Fat Paddler goes on sale on 1 August. Stay tuned for my review!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Mamma's mission

I love Wednesday's at home with Ava. It's my favourite day of the week where just us girls get to hang out and do fun stuff like go to the park, play dolls and dress up, go to the library and catch up with friends etc. And every now and then I stumble across an activity and think, RIGHT that's what we are doing this Wednesday, Ava will LOVE it!!

Sooooo the other day I was driving through Tempe and passed a circus. There were lions pacing up and down a large cage plus camels, ponies etc all on display.

My first reaction? Sadness. I was particularly sad for the lions that have been bred into circus life, sad they have never experienced the freedom of the African savannah, sad they were bred into a life of performing rather than ruling the land. My second thought? Conflicted! How Ava would love to see lions. She is so fascinated and excited by animals! You should hear her squeal when she sees dogs on the dog food bags at the pet supplies store...

I wrestled with it for a couple of days and decided that whilst I was against performing circus animals I would take Ava to look at them between performances. I was doing it for her right? She would thank me for it one day right? Sadly, we are not going on safari anytime soon, so the circus it would be to see her first wild animal.

So off we headed on Wednesday afternoon. We'd already had a big morning at Bondi junction and Ava had refused to sleep when I put her down for a nap after lunch. Heading there in early peak hour traffic Ava naturally fell into a deep sleep. But I soldiered on, as there was no turning back now right?

We arrived at a nearby park. I put her in the stroller still fast asleep and pushed her to the lion's cage. I am always in awe of lions, their magnificent manes and that imposing strut! I wanted Ava to experience their presence so badly but she was out to the count! I even lifted her out of the pram and whispered, the lions go roar bubba. Mummy loves lions and I hope you get to see them in the wild when you are bigger. But Ava slept, in fact she snored her way through it. SNORED even as we went cross country to see them!!

Talk about a mamma on a mission! As parents how often do we compromise our own beliefs for our children?