Monday, September 27, 2010

Tantrums & Tiaras

We made it to 6 months relatively unscathed! Even at a pint sized 5.8kgs Ava is growing steadily and even starting to get chubby little arms and thighs like all the other babies.

And with each age mile stone comes a new set of tricks and more hints of an emerging personality. She definitely knows what she wants, that's for sure! Whether it's my necklace, the microwave cord, the dog's ear or to feed herself she eyes off her target and charges on in. And when it doesn't work out she emits a mighty roar!

I have had to master the art of distraction. As she does not understand (or does not want to hear) the word NO I always have to have a hidden toy, a silly song or something to nibble on to take her mind off more interesting things like chewing the microwave cord or shuffling herself under the couch.

No wonder I resort to chocolate!! Brett says she takes after me, but I am sure I was never a princes was I????